The Gewerbepark Westküste location...

...is attractive for us because it has very good traffic connections – especially to the motorway. We also relocated our company here because it offered enough space to expand; this was not the case at our old location in Tellingstedt.

Truck-Center Westküste Uhl GmbH:

The company Truck-Center Westküste Uhl, which is based in Hemmingstedt, is this year celebrating its 31st anniversary. What used to be a "4 man and one woman team" is now a reliable employer with more than 100 employees in the region. Reimer Uhl and son Carsten now have premises at four locations, which specialise in the brands Volvo and Renault trucks, and offer customers an all-round service. For example, a 24-hour towing service, complex styling conversions and commercial vehicle rentals.

"You need to invest and also take a risk if you want to perform well over the long term", said Reimer Uhl when assessing the development of his company, and he is still optimistic: "We thank our customers for their loyalty over the years and will continue to act as a flexible, loyal and motivated partner for commercial vehicles in the region."

Reimer Uhl founded the Autohaus Tellingstedt in 1984 and established the brand Volvo Trucks throughout Schleswig-Holstein over the following ten years. In 2002 the company moved to a larger site in Hemmingstedt and changed the name of the company to Truck-Center Westküste Uhl GmbH. But that wasn’t all: a training centre for apprenticeships and further education of HGV drivers was set up, as well as other workshops in Henstedt-Ulzburg, in the Österrönfeld industrial estate and in Marne. In Hemmingstedt alone the workshop was extended to include seven vehicle bays, a car wash for commercial vehicles, a DEKRA service station and a cafe. Since 2007 Carsten has been assisting his father; and they both like passing on their knowledge to motivated, target-oriented young people. The company is currently training 19 apprentices.

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