Settling in the Gewerbepark Westküste - why here?

The business park is an attractive location because


BeBa Corporate Group –
your partner for renewable energy

The roots of the BeBa Corporate Group can be found in Schleswig-Holstein (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog), the State of renewable energy. Around 20 years ago the "wind millers" were still completing pioneer work, but that’s all changed now, and wind energy plants in the northernmost State alone are producing 5000 MW – that’s enough to provide the whole of Schleswig-Holstein with electricity.

Founded in 1997 as the sole proprietorship ‘Elektro Bartels’, the BeBa Corporate Group has been successfully active in the renewable energy sector for more than 18 years now. The highly qualified team of engineers, sales people, master craftsmen, technicians, fitters and trainees is an experienced partner for customised energy concepts. BeBa plans and realises energy projects in numerous areas, including photovoltaic, maintenance and operation as well as wind energy.

As owner and managing director, Bernd Bartels not only develops new business strategies, but is also actively showing customers, business partners and employees where the future of energy provision lies - in renewable energy as an overall energy system.

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A location with power

Do you need energy?
We’ve got enough!

We are the right place for any company with high energy requirements – such as the food, pharmaceutical, market gardening or plastics processing sections to name but a few.

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Free plots

Perfect plot – tailored to your specific needs

You can choose what you need from a 56 hectare site. We create a plot that matches your specific needs. Directly next to A23 and the B5, just 100 kilometres from Hamburg.

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Service & contact

We are there for you

Personal, customised consulting is just what you need when choosing a location for your company. And that is what you’ll get from us.

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Business owner statements

"Strong cooperation,
ideal conditions"

Let the companies already located here tell you about the benefits of the Gewerbepark Westküste.

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