Cheap heat

Cooperation with the neighbouring Raffinerie Heide refinery enables us – and therefore also you – to make use of low cost heat. 

Together with the refinery, a future-proof energy concept was launched that offers outstanding benefits for companies settling here, which require a lot of heat and energy.

Basically, this relates to the waste heat produced by the refinery, which is made available in the form of hot water to the business park via a district heating system. Temperatures of between 105 and 130 degrees are available. When compared with conventional heat generation, this is a lot cheaper and offers enormous benefits immediately for your company . and competitive advantages.

Companies that settle in our business park can dispense with the use of oil and gas to a large extent.


A location with power

Do you need energy?
We’ve got enough!

We are the right place for any company with high energy requirements – such as the food, pharmaceutical, market gardening or plastics processing sections to name but a few.

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Free plots

Perfect plot – tailored to your specific needs

You can choose what you need from a 56 hectare site. We create a plot that matches your specific needs. Directly next to A23 and the B5, just 100 kilometres from Hamburg.

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Service & contact

We are there for you

Personal, customised consulting is just what you need when choosing a location for your company. And that is what you’ll get from us.

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Business owner statements

"Strong cooperation,
ideal conditions"

Let the companies already located here tell you about the benefits of the Gewerbepark Westküste.

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